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Extract from IATA Regulations 902 (PDF)

The IATA shipping regulations for permanent magnets dictate that only very small magnetic fields affect the outer packaging.

In accordance with the IATA dangerous goods regulations, a package is approved for air transport if a sensitive compass is placed on the package at 4.6 m in the east/west direction and following a 360 rotation, the compass deviation is less than 2.

A simpler method to check the outer packaging for magnetic fields is the "paperclip test". In this test, normal paperclips must not remain attached to the vertical outer wall of a package. This can be achieved by ensuring a sufficiently large distance between the packed permanent magnets and the package wall. A better solution is the shielding of all interior surfaces of the package with thin steel plates with a 0.5 to 1.0 mm thickness. Rod-shaped magnets can be short-circuited by placing them next to one another with opposite poles.

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