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Betaflex® magnet foil

The magnet foil consists of a mixture of strontium ferrite powder and a flexible thermoplastic bonding material. The foil is produced in thicknesses of 0.4 mm to 2.5 mm by calendering. The magnet foil sticks to all surfaces containing iron, e.g. steel plate. The permanent magnetic properties are not reduced even after long-term use.

The magnet foils are resistant to temperatures between - 40 °C and + 80 °C and widely resistant to diluted alkaline solutions and acids. They can be cut, punched and screen-printed.

We supply the following types according to customer dimensions:
- Plain (uncoated, both sides brown)
- White or colour-coated with adhesive foil on the non-magnetic side
- With self-adhesive coating on the non-magnetic side

Stock labelling, committee nameplates, information and warning signs, magnetic bags, price signs, magnetic signs for car advertising, information walls.

We are able to supply the following standard magnet foils at short notice, generally from stock.

Standard magnet foils suplied ex stock.
 Magnet foil - white laminated
Thickness 0.8 mm, magnetic side dark brown.
Holding force 50 cN/cm2 (50 g/cm2 )

Type Sheet size 
FP69 600x900 mm 
FP23 200x295 mm 
FP13 100x295 mm 
 Magnet foil - self-adhesive
Thickness 0.8 mm, non-magnetic side with self-adhesive coating and paper cover.
Holding force 50 cN/cm2 (50 g/cm2 )

Type Sheet size 
SF21 210x300 mm 
SF15 150x210 mm 
SF100 1000x1000 mm 
Prices /pc. ex works Berlin plus packing, VAT only in Germany
(A = Please ask for price)
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 33  FP69   28.00  23.50  A  A  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 33  FP23   5.30  4.40  A  A  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 33  FP13   3.45  3.05  A  A  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 33  SF21   9.20  8.40  A  A  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 33  SF15   6.65  5.30  A  A  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 33  SF100   66.00  56.00  A  A  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
Small orders: Payments from foreign countries result in additional bank charges, therefore we charge an additional lump sum of 15,- Euro for all foreign orders with a goods value less than 153,- Euro.

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