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Magnet systems for iron separation

These are fitted with strong, ceramic permanent magnet blocks (SrFe, Oxyd 300). The iron poles in the magnetic system concentrate the magnetic flux in one direction so that there is a strong and wide-reaching magnetic field at the active surface. The magnet material installed has good magnetic stability the block magnets will retain their magnetic force for a lifetime.

The active surface is covered with stainless steel (material 1.4301).

For installation purposes, there are inner threads on the reverse side.

The block magnet systems can be used up to a working temperature of + 100 °C.

The collected iron particles should periodically be regularly cleared from the magnet surface.

Catching distance for all types e.g.
For a steel nut M5 approx. 60 mm
For a bolt M5 x 30 approx. 100 mm

Mounted over a conveyor belt, the iron parts spring onto the holding surface.   Installed in a pipe system with direct contact to the material flow. To guarantee a high degree of separation a cascade-type structure of several block magnets behind each other is possible.
Iron catching blocks
Type Dimensions 
FM2 220x102x36 mm 
FM3 340x102x36 mm 
FM4 460x102x36 mm 
FM5 580x102x36 mm 


Installation and safety note: During handling, unpacking and assembly ensure that no loose iron parts such as tools or bolts are in the vicinity.

The magnetic force is so strong that personal injuries can occur if your finger comes between iron parts and the active surface. No steel parts should be within a distance of 400 mm of the active surface.

Custom-made sizes on request.
Prices /pc. ex works Berlin plus packing, VAT only in Germany
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