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Miniature Electrical Holding Magnets

Type ME08B
The magnetic holding effect only occurs on power up with 12 V DC. The switch-on duration can be 100%. Fixing by inner thread M3 on the back. Connection with 2 small wire ends (length approx. 300 mm).
Product description
Operating voltage 12V = ± 10%
Input power: 2,4W
Holding force: 2,5 N (0,25 Kp) with full coverage of the holding surface on 1 mm sheet steel without air gap.
Weight: 7 g
Switch-on duration: at operating voltage 12 V = 100%
Surface: galvanic Ni
Max. operating temp.: max. 80°C
Product modification:
Successor of the previously offered type ME08 with modified fastening, as well as length and exit of the wires.
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