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Magnetic chip catcher

The permanent magnetic chip catcher is equipped with the new high-energy material NeoDeltaMagnet (NdFeB). The strongest producible permanent magnet catches ferrous parts with a strong force. The caught ferrous parts cling around the lower part of the rod-shaped catcher system.
Type FM 4 S

To remove the ferrous parts from the rod, the internal permanent magnet system is slid towards the end of the rod using the handle. The ferrous parts follow the permanent magnet and are removed by the middle flange.

The magnetic chip catcher is used to separate and collect iron particles from liquids or goods consisting of powder or granulate; in smooth grinding systems for collecting steel parts from burnishing stones; for separating steel parts from nonferrous metals or plastics; and for magnetically attracting ferrous particles from the surface.

Technical properties: Stable tube construction made of brass, glossy nickel-plated. The installed permanent magnet system made of high-energy magnetic material retains its magnetic force indefinitely with no loss of its magnetic properties.

Tube diameter: 27 mm
Middle flange diameter: 47 mm
Overall length: 440 mm
Effective magnetic length: 90 mm
Weight: 0,75 kg
Operating temperature: Max. + 100°C

Pic. 1:Magnetic chip collector catches and holds ferrous particles

Pic. 2:Collected particles are removed by stripping

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