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Personal organiser magnets

Extreme holding force

For secure and extremely strong fixing of several stacked pieces of paper or cardboard on steel surfaces using high-energy magnets made of NdFeB. Considerably greater holding force compared to common fridge magnets.

The holding force remains constant over the product lifetime. Particularly suited to advertising, as shown below in the example of our promotional magnet of type OM35W.

The OM55 magnet in oblong style can be used as a securely fitting name tag on clothing.


Type OM35W (white)
Type OM35O (orange)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 35 x 35 x 9 mm
Holding force: 10 stacked pieces of DIN A4 paper on sheet steel surface

Advertising print – example below in two-colour pad printing – also available as four-colour digital print.

Type OM55W (white)
Type OM55O (orange)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 55 x 23 x 6 mm
Holding force: 13 stacked pieces of DIN A4 paper on sheet steel surface

In addition to featuring space for a promotional text on its long side, this exceptionally strong office magnet can also be used as a name tag on clothing; a second magnet or a strip of sheet steel can be used for counterforce.

Type OR25W (white)
Type OR25O (orange)

Dimensions (ø x H): 25 x 6 mm

Office magnet with high-energy magnet, thus also suitable for use on glass boards. All-round plastic covering with practical grip edge.

Magnetic force on both sides:
Top: e.g. paper clips or biros
Bottom: up to 15 stacked pieces of DIN A4 paper on sheet steel surface

This is how we printed our “promotional magnet”, Type OM35W, as an example.

If you don’t have an iron or steel surface to hold the office magnets, we also offer steel sheets painted white with magnetic double-sided tape at diameters of 40 and 60 mm specifically for use as promotional magnets.
These are available in volume quantities.

Minimum order quantity for printing: 1,000
We will be pleased to offer you a personalised quotation.

Prices /pc. ex works Berlin plus packing, VAT only in Germany
(A = Please ask for price)
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 40  OM 35W   A  2.10  1.90  1.55  1.40  0.95    Add to shopping cart   
 40  OM 35O   A  2.10  1.90  1.55  1.40  0.95    Add to shopping cart   
 40  OM 55W   A  2.35  1.95  1.60  1.55  1.45    Add to shopping cart   
 40  OM 55O   A  2.35  1.95  1.60  1.55  1.45    Add to shopping cart   
 40  OR 25W   A  2.20  2.00  1.65  1.50  1.40    Add to shopping cart   
 40  OR 25O   A  2.20  2.00  1.65  1.50  1.40    Add to shopping cart   
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