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Handling magnet

The permanent handling magnet is an excellent aid for removing bulk material made of steel and iron such as screws, nuts, turned and punched parts from stock and transport containers.
Type HH 1

The iron particles are attracted and spring onto the holding area where they are permanently held. As the magnetic field takes effect outwards from the holding area, a mushroom composed of collected particles is formed on the holding surface.

On reaching the unloading place the handle to broach the magnetic field is pulled and the collected particles fall from the holding surface. The device is also extremely suitable for collecting small particles and iron chips as well as separating iron particles from other materials.

Stable aluminium construction with low weight of 2 kg. Easily handled broaching operation on smooth guides. Requires use of both hands. Permanent magnetic system will not wear or weaken. Excellent workmanship. Magnetic collection surface area: 165 x 105 mm.

The "small" but effective handling aid that pays for itself.
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