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Magnetic ball joints

steel ball magnetically held in spherical socket
The steel ball is subject to a magnetic field in the permanent magnetic system and is thus held in the spherical socket. This produces a joint that can be turned in any direction up to 180°. If the magnetic system’s holding force is exceeded, the ball is released without damage.
 Application examples

Since the magnetic ball joint is electro-conductive, rapidrelease and rotatable electrical connections can be made with such a system. This is of advantage, for instance, in modern low-voltage lamps. Rapid-release connections for test fixtures are also possible. In lifting linkages a predetermined breaking point can be provided, or sideways movements compensated.

Due to the use of high-energy rare-earth magnets, magnetic ball joints types KD... have a very strong holding force. The resulting displacement force of the ball is strong enough to hold the optical systems of cameras, lighting fixtures or laser units without requiring a mechanical fixation.

For magnetic ball joints with other dimensions please consult us for further information.

Operating temperature:
     Max. 100 °C
     KL/GL ± 0,5 mm
     D Ø ground, tolerance h6 (Exception Type K8)
     otherwise general tolerance ± 0,1 mm

All dimensions in mm

Special designs possible:
     All-round galvanic plating
     units with max. operating temperature of 200 °C.

Magnetic ball joints 
TypeK Ø
K88,012,5 ± 0,0518,012,0----Ball with inner thread
M 4/3,5 mm deep without
thread IG on the rear
         Holding force10,0 N(1,0 kp)
KD31010,010,028,020,0M312,0M35,0Holding force18,0 N(1,8 kp)
KD31212,010,030,520,0M312,0M35,0Holding force18,0 N(1,8 kp)
KD41313,013,031,020,0M412,0M46,0Holding force40,0 N(4,0 kp)
KD41818,013,036,020,0M412,0M46,0Holding force40,0 N(4,0 kp)
KD51616,016,034,020,0M412,0without-Holding force70,0 N(7,0 kp)
KD62525,020,047,025,0M516,0M55,0Holding force150,0 N(15,0 kp)
KD72525,025,056,035,0M516,0M57,0Holding force200,0 N(20,0 kp)
Holding magnet with mechanical ball joint
Type HK20

Product description:

Product data:

Mechanical ball joint with max. twisting force
of 20 N with fitted rotation stop, for
occasional rotational adjustment only.
Rotational angle 45 angular degrees, extendable
on all sides to 65 angular degrees in a straight line (special version).
With a strong holding magnet on the rear for
easy position adjustment.
Holding force: 250 N

Housing in white plastic with brass tube ø20 mm.
Rear holding magnet with NdFeB sandwich system.
Max. usage temperature 50°C.
Net weight 50 g.
Steel ball with threaded end M6 x 15 mm.

Prices /pc. ex works Berlin plus packing, VAT only in Germany
(A = Please ask for price)
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 30  K8   6.90  6.50  5.10  4.75  4.40  A    Add to shopping cart   
 30  KD310   9.60  8.90  8.00  7.50  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 30  KD312   9.80  9.10  8.40  7.90  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 30  KD413   13.50  12.10  11.00  9.50  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 30  KD418   13.70  12.30  11.20  9.90  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 30  KD516   19.80  18.90  16.90  13.90  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 30  KD625   22.00  20.00  17.90  A  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 30  KD725   37.00  31.50  A  A  A  A    Add to shopping cart   
 30  HK20   13.50  12.00  8.80  6.90  6.10  A    Add to shopping cart   
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