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High-energy Magnets

These are permanent magnets containing rare-earth metals. The high-energy product of more than 385 kJ/m3 or 48 MGOe enables many new technical uses. Much smaller magnet systems or considerably higher magnetic energies for the same size in comparison to conventional magnetic materials such as barium ferrites or AINiCo have become possible.

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Other Magnet Materials

Hard Ferrite Magnets (isotropic, anisotropic)

Hard ferrite magnets are standardised in DIN 17 410. IBS Magnet provides standard magnets as discs, rings and wafers from existing form tools.

AlNiCo Magnets

Metallic alloys made of iron, aluminium, nickel and cobalt plus some copper and titanium. IBS Magnet offers standard AINiCo 500 magnets cast by precision methods as circular rods, as rectangular wafers and in U-shapes. We also offer special holding magnets with AINiCo.

Plastic Bonded Magnets

With flexible plastics and hard ferrite powders, magnetic sheets and strips are produced with a thickness from 0.5 to 8 mm.

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