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Betaflex® magnet tapes

Betaflex magnet tape is anisotropic, that means the magnet particles made of strontium ferrite contained in the flexible plastics are aligned by a magnetic field in the direction of the thickness (1.5 mm) during production.

The very strong holding force 80 cN/cm2 (80 g/cm2) of Betaflex magnet tape results from anisotropy and the subsequent multipole magnetisation.

The non-magnetic side of the self-adhesive magnet tape is provided with a protective cover. The adhesive area should be kept clean and free from dust, oil or grease. Sticking the tape onto steel sheet increases the holding force.

Max. operating temperature: + 75 °C
Holding force with air gap:
0.0 = 0.80 N/cm2 (80 g/cm2 )
0.1 = 0.61 N/cm2 (61 g/cm2 )
0.2 = 0.51 N/cm2 (51 g/cm2 )
0.5 = 0.29 N/cm2 (29 g/cm2 )
Displacement force: Approx. 1/3 of the holding force

Self-adhesive magnet tape
TypeDimensions (mm)
width x thickness
of width
length (m)
weight (kg)
MB1414,0 x 1,5±0,340,03,1
MB2020,0 x 1,5±0,340,04,4
MB5050,0 x 1,5±0,340,011,0
We supply the following standard magnet tapes at short notice, generally from stock.
Single metre or 40 m roll.
Prices /pc. ex works Berlin plus packing, VAT only in Germany
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Catalogue page Type sold by meter 1 roll = 40 m  
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